Wednesday, September 30, 2009

mr. BLACK L.A Tuesday Sept 29th

Cassidy Haley loves ASS
Walter and Wilma
This Ass smells like roses!
Barbie Twins
Sexy boys yes please!
Stephen and Gabe x
Pam and Otto club sandwich
Sharon Stone
mr. Nero and the Amazing Lenora Claire!
Oh boys behave
Jack and Jill
Gregory Alexander x
Tim, Landis and Rusty Updegraff
Best Dressed...Amazing!!
Lezbo posse' Saratonin we love you x
Oprah and Steadman
Peter and Pan
Battle of the outfit!!
Cocktail whore x
Luke and Laura
All about the shoulder pads!
Larva the door bitch!
DJ Riley More
Didn't we ban this chick from mr Black in New York lol
More sluts!
Scratch and sniff
I love the look on this guys face hahah
Alan Cumming style.

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