Wednesday, October 28, 2009

mr. BLACK L.A Tuesday October 27th

Tila Tequila in DA HOUSE!
Jeffree Star in DA house!
Hunk O spunks!
Cute with a capital C...yes please!
I love this pic. The girl who loves it. The guy who is shocked by it and the dude who doesn't know what the fuck is going on hahaha
Yes mr BLACK is a Zoo
Hot chicks!
Love the guy in the mask. Take it off and take me home!!
Best Dressed!
Birthday bitch! and boy toy!
Love a natural reaction.
More hot chicks!
DJ NELSTAR in da house
Steve Urkel....sooooooo cute
Birthday slut does the splits it x
Love the Jacket luke x
Hot Daddies...they are actually boys but i want them to be my daddy!
Nicole Kidman.
Burt Reynolds
Send in the clowns.
Phantom of the Opera and Death becomes her Barbie
Pussy cat dolls
Great Costumes!
Im so pretty!
Umm guys...look at the camera!
Scratch and Sniff!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

mr. BLACK L.A Tuesday October 20th

KEVIN STEA Happy Birthday we love you xx

Carmit Bachar in da house!

Gregory Alexander gives shoulder.
Hot and Hot
Lisa Chang x
I live for the looks.
ONGINA yes please!
Brady Bunch
Barbie Twins
Birthday Bitch. Jessicka we love you x
Look at that bootay!
Simon and Sally
Sean Penn
Best Dressed!
Lilly and Laura
Lenora Claire and boo
All about the top hat x
Scat and Scott
The black loves you guys x
Hey Handsome...
Who's your
Nora Jones
Tony Curtis
Peek a boo
Go to sleep say goodnight.
Sarah Jessica Parker
Ellen and Elma