Wednesday, October 7, 2009

mr. BLACK L.A Tuesday October 6th

Trace Lehnhoff from Flipping Out...we love you x
Sophia Lamar performs Shitty Faggot
Best dressed always muah xx
A drag queen
A woman
A whore
A pair of whores
Jerry Lewis
Lenora Claire and mr Nero
Bloo loo
All about the shoulder pads...loved this outfit!!
G Spot and Tricia Romano
and Julia
Erin Brockovich
Murial Heslop
Barbie Twins
Mick Jagger
Goldie Spawn
Lisa Marie
Sophia Lamar will kill you...
ms Cotton
Anna Wintour
Stephanie Forrester
Jessica Black
Tom Ford
Glenn Close and the Flintstones

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  1. My bow-tie and a portion of my shirt made this blog. I'm beyond flattered.